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Benefits of software

Why should you get my Feng Shui program?

Zoom“15 years ago I started using computers to support my Feng Shui consultations. As an architect, I had spent too much time calculating numerous variations in order to find the most auspicious solution for my clients.
As my first programming steps sparked interest among other Feng Shui consultants, I studied hard to aquire the software development skills needed and produced a professional tool for the trade. Now in its 4th version and with the new addition of MAC compatibility, my program is now even more accessible to the Feng Shui community. Exciting development continues for a bright future: ”

fengshuiPC is the outstanding Feng Shui software which will confirm your competence as a consultant. Built upon the Microsoft Excel platform, the program is user-friendly and fits seamlessly into the Microsoft Office family. It offers four overwhelming advantages:

  • saves time - let the program do the groundwork and invest your time and skill to find the most auspicious solution for your clients;
  • reliable results - within seconds after data entry;
  • professional presentation - present your clients with a polished presentation of your solutions, not just information; especially effective by using scanned floor plans from the client;
  • deeper analysis - through a faster review of alternatives as well as through a simultaneous view of all influencing factors in one floor plan. This uncovers connections which would have been lost without the use of this program.

fengshuiPC supports its users with a 90 page user manual [PDF Download] including 180 screenshots. For a jump strart engshuiPC offers also 2 day introductory courses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As a special bonus the programs comes with the Feng Shui Font [Show screenshot] featuring Chinese characters, trigrams and animals you need for your work as Feng Shui consultant. It can be used with any program and like other fonts be changed to any color or size.

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People - energy pattern und elements

Zoom Assess visually, how the members of a family or workgroup relate to each other on an energetic level. Also compare the energy pattern [Show screenshot ] of all individuals with that of the house, as well as their elements and birth year animals.

Additional graphics illustrate which house trigram represents the individual’s birth trigram, age and family relationship. The comparison of the personal elements [Show screenshot] and the house element in each trigram informs one about harmonious or disharmonious areas for each individual.

All information is clearly displayed. Even Feng Shui novices can follow your analysis and recommendations. Impress your client with a strong presentation!

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flying stars - detailed analysis

ZoomThe calculation method of the Flying Stars is a powerful tool to assess the tangible and intangible forces of the time cycles onto the building. Using a very visual and user friendly interface [Show screenshot] any information can dynamically be changed. The program adjusts to alternative sitting and facing positions within seconds. You can now optimize your consultations by calculating alternatives without any loss of time.

The Feng Shui program calculates all relevant Flying Star time cycles [Show screenshot] : 20 year period, yearly, monthly and, daily stars allowing to assess all influences of time onto a building.

With a clear structure the Flying Stars analysis sheet [Show screenshot] offers an accurate assessment of the chart typology, special combinations, usage, Fan Yin, Castle Gates and Seven Star Robberies. Using the distinction of host and guest, a table compares the element relationship and quality of water star, mountain star, as well as period and yearly star. The analysis assists you recognizing quickly and with much depth, whether a trigram area is best used as an active (Yang) or passive (Yin) space. The assessment of the star quality includes their timeliness and general character.

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Floor Plans - comvine analysis with location

Zoom Seeing all relevant Feng Shui information directly on the floor plan is an extraordinary support for the Feng Shui consultant and the client, as it ties the abstract methods of calculation to the physical environment. After scanning, the client’s floor plan is imported into the program. The center of gravity is calculated quickly and precisely, even on the most difficult shapes.

The Feng Shui analysis can be visualized either in concentric rings or within a rectangular grid with 9 equal spaces. Menus interactively allow the selection of several options and thereby customize the appearance of the rings until an ideal combination of information is found for the client. The rings can display, amongst others, Bazhai house and people energy, Flying Stars, Bagua, sun exposure and trigrams.

There are three A4 (8 ½” x 11”) sheets [Show screenshot] plus one A3 (11” 17”) [Show screenshot]sheet available for any combination of floor levels or examinations of details (ie. desk location). A wide variety of graphic objects is available for enhancing the information on floor plans or for marking findings and recommendations. Symbols of cures, furnishings, energies, external features and even people with their individual elements can be placed onto the plan with the help of a user friendly menu [Show screenshot].

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Umgebung – Wie beeinflusst sie unser Haus

ZoomThe well known Feng Shui methods of Flying Stars and Bazhai give information about the interior energy field of a building. Wouldn’t it be great to know in addition the influence of external features like rivers, roads and mountains?

Advanced “San He” translates to “Three Harmonies” and features a complex graphics page with information on 8 concentric rings, allowing you to determine the auspiciousness or harmfulness of external landscape features. Find out where broken, rough or attacking structures are especially damaging to your house or which directions carry the best mountain or water Qi. Place a site plan onto the sheet and visually relate the external features directly to the San He readings.

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Preise – Systemvoraussetzungen und Kaufkonditionen

fengshuiPC has been developed on a platform of Microsoft Excel for Windows 10 and MAC from OSX 10.14 up. Microsoft Excel version 2019/ 365 for Windows or for MAC is required. The software is licensed per user and workstation using an access code on an individual basis. The software is distributed via email or CD with electronic manual. Printed manuals are available upon request. Please download the complete manual [PDF download] for an in-depth look at all features of the program. We are sorry that there is not a demo version available at this point due to licensing issues.

fengshuiPC offers 2 day introductory courses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in German language. Other locations are available upon request. Prices quoted are valid in the European Community and include VAT. Pricing in other countries is upon request. Group orders are available at discounted rates.

Complete Feng Shui software with Feng Shui font (Win or Mac)
498,00 Euro
2 day introductory course
328,00 Euro
fengshuiPC special, software and 2-day training
758,00 Euro

For additional information please contact fengshuiPC via email mail@fengshuiPC.de

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Feng Shui architecture - shaping the essence

Zoom Shape clay into a vessel:
It is the empty space within that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows for a room:
It is the empty space which make it useful.
Therefore value comes from what is there
Usefulness from what is not there."
- Laotse -

Feng Shui Architecture [download as PDF] provide a fresh alternative to the traditional understanding of architecture. While modern architects place their focus almost exclusively on the building envelope, the physical appearance, it is understood through Feng Shui, that the essence of architecture lies in the formless, in the quality of the encased void. True architects need to configure and design the quality of this "emptiness" in order to make best use of the available resources to the advantage of the client.

These are some of the Feng Shui design criteria inspiring my architectural design:

ZoomYin/ Yang: One of the fundamental principles of life says that Qi flows only when there is a sufficient contrast on Yin & Yang. Therefore the planning process needs to create appropriate clarity of front & back/ high & low/ free & protected/ open & closed etc.
Potentials: It is fundamental to investigate the existing situation by meticulous, unprejudiced analysis. That overall picture of the capacity of the preexisting conditions allows gauging the fit as support for the given new purpose.
Mutual Resonance: Powerful solutions show up in the analysis, when the aspects of the "San Cai" (3 gifts) of heaven, earth and human are mutually reinforcing. This creates the ideal situation: at the right time, at the right place, do the right thing.
Effortlessness: The pursuit of simple, not complex solutions can be achieved if the planning process develops along the prevailing forces of the situation and not against them. This is also an imperative of economy and energy conservation.
Affection: All ambition to achieve an optimal adaptation must be preceded by the efforts to create a place that encourages social interaction and a positive emotional attachment through its spatial configuration.

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